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Pool Safety


Are you a pool owner? If you are, you may be thinking about installing a pool fence. Although a fence is recommended, you may be looking for peace of mind that you are making the right decision. After all, high-end pool fences can sell at thousands of dollars.

As for why you should install a fence around your swimming pool, five great factors why are outlined below.

It Is an Amazing Safety Tool

On the market today, you can find an endless number of items that are typically referred to as pool safety tools. Just a few of these items include pool safety covers, pool alarms, and flotation products. The more safety tools you use, the better protected you will be, but the greatest of all is a fence around your swimming pool. Why? Because if your swimming pool region is outfitted with a strong and sturdy fence, the possibilities of anyone getting in are slim to none.

It Can Assist to Scale down Your Liability

If you are a parent, a pool fence is a must. However, even if you aren’t a parent, you can still benefit from installing one in your yard. Do you have children in your local community? If one of those children made their way into your yard and fell into your swimming pool, even when uninvited, you could possibly be held liable. It all depends on the security measures taken, as well as the family of the victim. Don’t take any chances. A pool safety fence can help to keep unwanted visitors from your pool, keeping it a fun, safe, and budget-friendly place for you to sit back and relax.

Your Buying Possibilities

Reasons Why You Should Install a Fence Around Your PoolAs it was previously stated, high-end swimming pool fences can sell for thousands of dollars. The good news, however, is that you don’t have to spend that much. Depending on the size of your swimming pool and the type of fence you put in, you could walk away only investing a few hundred dollars. Even if this seems like a lot, remember that a fence around your swimming pool can help to protect your children or reduce your liability from stranger or neighborhood related accidents.

In keeping with your buying options, there are a number of pool fences available for sale. These include a number of wood types, mesh, aluminum, iron, and metal. When making your decision, be sure to review costs and consumer ratings.

Ease of Setup

At first glance, a installing a barricade around your pool may seem like a task that you just want to stay away from. Yes, it can be challenging to do, but it all depends on the kind of fence you purchase. Mesh pool fences are the easiest to install. Depending on where you make your purchase from, complimentary installation may be included the overall cost. In fact, professional installation is something that you will want to closely examine, regardless of whether or not it is included.

Because It May Be the Law

Perhaps, the most important reason why you should have a pool fence installed is because you may be required to by law. Did you know that many pool owners are actually surprised when they receive a fine from their local code enforcer? Before your swimming pool is up and operating, be sure to check your local and state laws concerning fences around swimming pools. For example, in New York State all swimming pools that hold more than 24 inches of water must have a pool fence installed, even aboveground swimming pools.

As an important reminder, a fence around your swimming pool is an amazing safety tool. With that said, it is only if you correctly use it. Be sure to keep your gate locked at all times. This may take some practice on your part to get use to, but always keep your gate locked. Be sure to keep all chairs, toys, and ladders away from the fence to stop someone from climbing it. A warning device on your gate is also recommended.

Do You Need Pet Insurance?

Are you one of the millions of Americans that absolutely loves their pets? Would you do almost anything for them? If so, do you have pet insurance coverage? If not, you may well want to continue reading. This article may save yourself thousands of dollars … Let’s take a look at two, not unusual, instances that may happen to an animal owner in the United States:

Example 1:

The mail delivery person arrives at the house to deliver the mail. In the course of making that delivery, your pet dog bites the postman.

Example 2:

You own a horse. The horse is grazing in the field. The horse is startled, jumps the hedge and crashes into an oncoming car.

Do you understand exactly what would occur in both of these scenarios? Well, if you do not currently know, I hope you are paying attention to the news, as we hear about dogs attacking innocent people. In Scenario 1, you could be liable to make restitution under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Less popular, in Scenario 2 you might be responsible to pay damages because of the horse. In either case, you’re paying.

How can you minimize the liability you’ll suffer if either of these unfortunate events where to take place? Without some type of pet insurance plan you might not. If you have a family pet, i am sure you will want to save yourself from the prospect of having to pay out a large amount of money in settlement damages. You will need to purchase pet insurance.

Although animal insurance is not likely to cover the total costs of a claim or pay compensation if you lose.  If you have pet insurance, there will be a minimum excess payment and maximum cap payment.  This will give you peace of mind if an unfortunate situation arises.

At the end of the day, however, having pet insurance is like having any other type if insurance coverage. Do you want to take the chance that you could be sued for tens of thousands, or even millions of dollars in individual injury compensation claims without having pet insurance?

Without some form of pet insurance policy you could not. If you have an animal and want to save yourself from the possibility of having to pay out a potentially large amount of money in payment damages to a third party, you should be thinking about buying family pet insurance.

If you are purchasing a home, the homeowner’s insurance company will ask you specifically if you have a pet.  They will ask you if you have a dog.  If you do, they will automatically add on the pet insurance.  Some insurance companies will not insure you if you do not purchase the coverage.

It is better to be safe than sorry.

Reasons for Back Exercises

We are in the 21st century, and as we watch athletes on TV, we see that they are bigger and stronger than the athletes that came before them. The athletes are not the only ones. Technology seems to have us working 24/7, and the community at large are asking more from their bodies. Injuries to their bodies are becoming a typical part of American society. Things like extreme sports, and even YouTube have also contributed to the injuries. Youthful folks want more views and subscribers, so they perform acts that people even 20 yrs ago would not attempt.

This is why exercises and yoga stretches for lower back discomfort are ending up being significantly popular each and every day. Yoga stretches, in addition to with typical gym workout, are certainly an excellent options when you are suffering from lower back discomfort.
Let us put it this way. You break your leg or ankle, or you hurt your shoulder, you can still manage to move about quite easily. If you hurt your lower back, you have a huge problem.

Exercise, along with a good, nutritious diet and lots of rest, is one thing everybody should do on an everyday basis. It takes something like a lower back injury, for people to realize simply how frail their bodies are.

How is exercise important?

When you combine your workout and stretches for lower neck and back discomfort, you get two outstanding tools in your toolbox of healing. Exercise is terrific for establishing strength and endurance. Believe it or not, yoga is ideal for preserving flexibility and versatility; two fantastic characteristics every muscle should have.

Versatility is required when you need to over extend or over flex your muscles. Where a lot of people would strain or sprain a muscle, yoga keeps your muscles limber enough to handle the task without injury.

Body exercises and yoga stretches for the lower back not only assist your lower back. The exercises also assist the entire body. Any sort of exercise can get your heart rate up. An increased heart rate can help you burn calories and fat, leading in a leaner, more powerful body. It can also keep your whole cardiovascular system running better, letting your heart pump more efficiently. That can lead to less chance of a heart illness down the road.

Just similar to exercise, whenever you do yoga, you will be using a lot more than simply your lower back muscles. All your muscles will receive the advantages of yoga as you move from one yoga position to the next. Each of your muscles will become more limber and flexible, allowing all of them to twist and flex more efficiently and effectively whenever you require it.

Click the graphic to find additional methods to heal back problems.


As you can see, the advantages you acquire from exercises and yoga stretches, for lower neck and back pain impact even more than simply your lower back.

This is why workouts and yoga extensions for lower back discomfort are ending up being significantly popular with every passing day. Yoga stretches, along with regular bodily activity, are certainly a good route to go; when you are enduring from lower back discomfort.

If your back injury came as a result of some type of accident that could have been prevented, give us a call for a free consultation.


How Safe Is Your Workplace?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that in 2015, there were 155,740 injury cases involving the back. There were 238,610 slip and fall injuries. These are staggering numbers when one considers the efforts most companies have invested into maintaining a safe workplace. In modern times, a multitude of companies have been found liable for injuries sustained in their places of organization. There is a relationship that exists between workplace safety and profitability.

Every company, especially those that are  in manufacturing, are constantly thinking of ways to continuously improve their products and processes. They realize that their profits are directly related to the ways and means by which they produce their products. Unfortunately, far too many companies get caught up in the drive for higher profits.  Because of this, they have a tendency to allow workplace safety to eventually become an afterthought.

The costs associated with operating a large manufacturing facility in America are astounding. Workplace injuries place a massive burden of expense and weakened productivity on a company. These injuries could be reduced with proper planning and careful attention to detail. Most workplace injuries are preventable. There are a multitude of factors to look at, but maintaining a safe and tidy work area is one of the most ideal ways to prevent injury. Workers, too, have a responsibility in keeping themselves safe from harm.

Workplace injuries place a significant burden on health care providers and insurance companies. As companies continue to pay higher premiums for employee health care, one of the only means available for cost recovery is to increase the prices of the products and solutions they produce. This places the burden of expense on the consumer, and allows companies to ignore the root cause of their workplace injuries. The focus here seems to be on maintaining a healthy relationship with shareholders, and not necessarily on maintaining a healthy workforce.

I have been in some manufacturing plants.  The ones that are successful in regards to minimizing injuries have some sore of incentive plan in place.  They also have on display the number of consecutive days they have gone without an accident.  This is effective because that sign keeps the idea of safety on the workers’ minds.

How Safe Is Your Workplace?It is intriguing to note that there are record numbers of jobs, especially in the industrial sector, being sent overseas. There are a number of factors to account for this. One of the most significant reasons is that American companies are able to shave their operating costs down to a fraction of their domestic costs, by capitalizing on cheaper labor in foreign markets. Foreign governments, eager for investment, are all too eager to accommodate the interests of big western business. Far too often, this comes at the expense of workplace safety.

If companies would like to be profitable in the long term, they need to reexamine their approach to workplace safety and the health of their workers. Many companies are sending jobs overseas, in order to take advantage of cheap labor and relaxed labor laws. American companies have the ability to be both profitable and safety conscious. Through directed education campaigns and preemptive planning, workplace injuries can be reduced in a significant way. Remember: a safe worker is a happy worker, and a happy worker is a productive worker.

It will be interesting to see how manufacturing will try to combat the workplace injury issue in the coming years.

If you had a workplace injury, you are entitled to compensation.  Contact us today if you need a consultation.

Facts About Paralegals

For many who are not knowledgeable about the paralegal field, the general consensus is that the person’s role in the law workplace consists mainly of routine jobs. These are people who have never worked as a paralegal, and probably do not know anybody who has actually been in the field.

A paralegal’s role is thought about to be in terms of assisting the monitoring attorney, there is quite a wide assortment of responsibilities and responsibilities that really fall into the category of “helping”! As the primary purpose of a paralegal is to lighten the workload of the lawyer, it is more a matter of delegating important, appropriate jobs, in lieu of doing the worthless jobs that the lawyer himself merely does not wish to do.

Facts About ParalegalsOne example remains in a case procedure. It is frequently the paralegal who has the task of locating the very most existing codes of law and treatment that are the most pertinent to the case the attorney will be working on. As much of these go through regular changes, the paralegal needs to identify not only exactly what matters but what is the most current.

Talking with customers and potential customers is another task common for paralegals who work in a law practice. She is also typically offered the job of interviewing witnesses. In addition to successfully finishing paralegal coursework, it is necessary that the paralegal have exceptional communication skills, in both composed and spoken kinds.

In specialized fields, the paralegal may also be found in court. Whether she is straight dealing with witnesses in a court case, or merely looking after all of the needed paperwork, it is simple to see that a paralegal has a vital function in the legal system. As you can see, the function of a paralegal consists of much more than simply keeping the law office running efficiently. While this is a part of it, obviously, it is by far not the largest factor of a paralegal’s average work day.

Believing a paralegal to be little bit more than a glorified secretary or a “go-fer” is rather an injustice and quite incorrect. Both in overall knowledge and the responsibilities one is expected to perform on a regular basis should make such an individual’s professional standing very clear.

First, the certifications of supporting an attorney suggests a paralegal must have a full overview of the legal system, including the specifics, in order to perform these obligations without having to rely on others with concerns about what is needed and exactly what should be done.

Second, she should likewise be competent to perform all the required tasks, often in the lawyer’s lack. Even though a paralegal is working for an attorney, there are various duties that she should fulfill without his actual existence.

Whether a paralegal is working for a specific attorney in his personal practice, or whether she belongs of a big law firm, it needs to be clear that her role is that of a vital function, both inside and out of the workplace.

It is often the paralegal who has the task of locating the most present codes of law and procedure that are the most relevant to the case the attorney will be working on. Talking to customers and prospective clients is another task common for paralegals who work in a law company. In addition to successfully finishing paralegal coursework, it is vital that the paralegal have exceptional interaction abilities, in both composed and spoken forms.

As you can see, the role of a paralegal is composed of much more than just keeping the law office running smoothly.

We work as a team.  Because of this, our firm will give you the best chance to collect the money you deserve.  We will help you fight the insurance companies.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

The Pre-Paid Legal Provider

I heard you are looking to save some money and hire a pre-paid lawyer.  Well, here is some information that you may need before you do this.

Pre-paid legal plans are promoted under the pledge of inexpensive legal coverage.  This is an attractive option to the high charges charged by regular attorneys and law practices. But under the gloss of available legal services for the community, lie a variety of constraints.

What are the differences?

There is a limit on the scope of the legal services supplied. Most of what is supplied on an unlimited-basis is phone based: calls to your attorney for advice and consultation on legal matters.  Phone calls made on your behalf to 3rd parties. Other advantages bundled in the plan are limited: routine visits to your lawyer’s workplace is restricted to a dozen or so hours per four week period.  Here is an example:   the wills you desire prepared or sample contracts reviewed will be brought out on two or 3 copies per year.

Second is the restriction on your choice of attorney and the quality of legal work provided. Although you are free to pick your own attorney, the client-lawyer relationship and the structure of rapport are more complicated to come by in this scheme.
Pre-paid legal strategies are laden with the “rookie” syndrome.  The providers usually resort to utilizing newly-licensed or student attorneys in a cost-cutting exercise. Somebody who does mostly wills, sample contracts and trusts is probably not an excellent fit with regard to a more intricate legal issue like the custody of children. In this particular day of age of increasing specialization, it is better to ask somebody with specialized understanding and years of experience than it is to be dependent on a newbie with a minimal professional track-record.

Think about a personal injury case.  Do you want someone who is new to the field?  Fresh out of law school?  Someone that does not know the intricacies and nuances of the courtroom?  You will definitely need a veteran.  Someone who specializes in personal injury cases.  Someone who knows how to deal with the insurance companies.  That is a skill in itself.Legal services

You can set up interviews with lawyers, ask for referrals from buddies, previous clients or check your local bar association. You are more likely to get a first-class legal representative with who to build rapport get proficient recommendations and trust the judgement.

In conclusion

Most of what is supplied on an unlimited-basis is phone based: calls to your attorney for guidance and consultation on legal matters, or phone calls made on your behalf to 3rd parties. Pre-paid legal strategies are fraught with the “rookie” syndrome: the providers usually resort to utilizing newly-licensed or student lawyers in a cost-cutting workout. Somebody who does mainly wills, trusts and sample contracts is most likely not a great fit for a more complex legal concern like the custody of kids.

Do not take a chance with a cut rate attorney if you have an injury.  Contact us today, and get the most experienced lawyer for your injury case.

Spinal Column Injury

Here is an important article from your friendly Phoenix auto accident lawyer.

Amongst the different reasons for injuries amongst kids and grownups, vehicle wrecks have been reported as one of the leading causes. It accounts for 55% of spinal injury cases in the United States.

What type of injuries can I obtain from vehicle wrecks?

Vehicle accident injuries impact various areas of the body. Automobile accidents also often impact internal organs, and upper and lower limbs.

The most common type of vehicle accident back injury is the whiplash. Ten percent of these automobile accident back injuries lead to long term disability. Symptoms of these car wreck back injuries can include muscle convulsions in the neck and upper back location, increased neck pain with movement, and increasing pain in the base of the neck.
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a truly serious injury that may result in a car mishap. Brain injuries are more common in side effect vehicle accidents than in rear end auto accidents. Brain damage in a vehicle mishap is frequently linked to the fast acceleration and deceleration of the brain, which causes injury to the point of impact and its opposite point.
Back Injuries. Lumbar disks and thoracic disks might likewise be injured in automobile mishaps. Compression fractures could very well be caused in such accidents which can trigger long-term disability. Bulges or herniations may cause back cable compression. Symptoms of spinal injuries include arm and/or leg weakness, paralysis, trouble breathing, numbness, tingling, and unusual bowel or bladder control. The back nerves, ligaments and muscles may also be traumatized by a car accident, triggering discomfort and inflammation.
Internal injuries from a car accident might consist of injuries to bowels, kidneys, the spleen, liver, lungs, heart or aorta. Torn spleens are likewise a regular injury.
Upper and Lower Limbs. Car mishaps might cause small or serious fractures to your hands, lower arms, arms, shoulders, wrists, fingers, hips, legs, knees, heels, ankles, and feet if the impact has actually triggered abrupt pressure to the bones.

How can we deal with these injuries?

phoenix auto accident lawyerAny vehicle accident injury, if not deadly, may perhaps be cured by constant treatment and correct medications. Disc injuries may need surgery to get rid of disc material pieces or spinal blend. Extreme injuries might require hospitalization.

These mishaps may be prevented by observing proper driving etiquette and examining your automobile’s seat belts for full capability. In the end, bewaring on the roadway is the most effective option. Prevent yourself from getting into any automobile associated mishaps by keeping your eyes on the roadway, focusing attention on your driving and always following driving safety preventative measures.

Symptoms of these automobile mishap back injuries can include muscle convulsions in the neck and upper back location, increased neck discomfort with motion, and increasing pain in the base of the neck.
Terrible brain injury (TBI) is a really major injury that may result in a car mishap. Brain injuries are more common in side effect car mishaps than in rear end car mishaps. Brain damage in a car accident is typically associated to the quick acceleration and deceleration of the brain, which causes injury to the point of effect and its opposite point.
Internal injuries from a vehicle accident may be composed of injuries to bowels, kidneys, the spleen, liver, lungs, heart or aorta.

We are a Phoenix auto accident lawyer, and we specialize in all types of injury cases.  You will need an attorney to be sure you get the compensation you deserve.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

Accidents Involving Semi Trucks

There is a great deal of news narratives in the media highlighting crashes involving semi trucks. Yet statistics show the greater part of accidents that involve a big truck are due to the negligence of other drivers.  Not those who are responsible for keeping eighteen wheels on the road.

The sheer size of a semi truck often means that any accident it is involved in with other vehicles is going to be more severe than when two or more regular sized vehicles have a similar accident. Even as low speeds and accident involving a semi truck might be very serious. To help reduce the risks of semi trucks being involved in accidents, employers are working hard to offer effective training programs for their employees.

What are employers doing?

Many employers who have a fleet of trucks mandate each employee attends a safety meeting on a routine basis. This may be monthly, quarterly, or twice a year. During these meetings all of the safety violations that have taken place in that period of time should be reviewed and evaluated. This way others can learn from mistakes that have already been made.  This will also prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future.

The cost of insurance for semi trucks is very high, and companies as well as owner operators do all they can to reduce it. Having a clean driving record is significant for this to happen. Many trucking companies decline to hire individuals with a history of accidents or speeding tickets. They are considered a high risk because the potential is there that they will be involved in an accident.

Incentives for employees that drive a set amount of miles without any types of accidents is a pretty good way to reward them for their attention to safety.  This can be a flat fee for a set duration of time.  It can also be an amount based on the amount of miles the driver has covered during that span of time.

Accidents Involving Semi TrucksThe percentage of accidents taking place involving semi trucks contrasted to regular passenger vehicles is very low. Yet the drivers of these large trucks are often assumed to be at fault in the eyes of society. While there are instances where the driver was tired or under the influence of something, this isn’t generally the case. Sometimes accidents do happen due to the weather involving large trucks.  The myth that truck drivers are irresponsible individuals who speed excessively hold no truth.

What should drivers do?

It is a good idea for all truck drivers to carry a disposable camera in their glove compartment. This way pictures can be taken if an accident does occur before the vehicles are moved off the road. Make sure you take the time to write down the date, the time, road conditions.  Get the names of any witnesses to the event. If you work for a company you need to report the accident to your dispatcher immediately.

I know the driver may have a cell phone.  If the photos are on the phone, it may be used for evidence.  If this is the case, you may need to give up your phone.  A disposable camera will eliminate that potential problem.

Having this information can make all the difference when it comes to figuring out who was at fault for the accident. Too many people are in a hurry to sue truck drivers and their companies when such incidents occur. If you have to hire an attorney or you have to go to court over the incident you want to have detailed information to protect your innocence.

Call us today at (602) 313-0019 if you have any questions about semi truck accidents.

Motorcycle Accident Info

Here are some tips from a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer:

Motorcycle wrecks have a track history for being some of the deadliest. Motorcycles offer little protection to riders in the event of an accident.  For that factor the injuries are typically severe requiring long healing durations.

Usually, motorbike accidents are not the cyclist’s fault. As a result of to the size distinction between a bike and passenger vehicle, motorbikes are harder to see and are regularly lost in the passenger car’s “blind location.” Due to this reality biker’s are often sideswiped by vehicles that simply did not see them.

Some stunning statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that motorcyclists are 32 times more likely to die in an accident than traveler vehicle passengers.  They are also 6 times more likely to suffer injuries. It is essential to keep in your mind that cyclist’s are entitled to payment for injuries due to someone else’s neglect along with traveler automobile drivers.

If you are associated with a bike accident it is essential to bear in mind the following things:Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney

1. Report the accident to police. The cops report is essential to your auto mishap injury lawyer in identifying fault.
Record the names and declarations of witnesses to your accident. Take pictures and tape-record any uncommon circumstances or whether that may have contributed to the accident.
3. Do not talk with any insurance coverage representatives or adjusters that might appear at the scene. This is a dishonest method in some cases utilized to get individuals to admit fault or state something that might harm their claim.
4. Call your insurance provider to report the accident. Do not communicate with the other party’s insurance coverage carrier. Let your motorbike accident injury attorney deal with them.
5. Even if you feel you haven’t sustained a severe injury, it is a great idea to get checked out by a physician. Some brain injuries do disappoint up immediately and insurer may hesitate to pay out for an injury in the future.
6. Contact the Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.

Usually, motorcycle mishaps are not the cyclist’s fault. The authorities report is useful to your automobile accident injury lawyer in determining fault.
Take pictures and tape any unusual circumstances or whether that may have contributed to the accident. Call your insurance company to report the mishap. Let your motorbike mishap injury legal representative deal with them.

We will deal with the insurance company for you.  We are one of the best Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers.  Please give us a call today at (602) 313-0019 if you feel you need representation from an accident.

Email the Arizona motorcycle accident lawyer.

Preventing Injury At Work

Tips for Preventing Injury At Work

Slips and trips maybe seen by some as funny but they are in fact the very most common origin of major injuries at work.  Over a third of all injuries reported each year is caused by slip or trip accidents. In fact slip or trip accidents account for:

20% of injuries where the employee is absent for over 3-days
33% of all reported major injuries
2 fatalities per year
50% of all reported accidents to members of the public
A cost of millions per year to employers in lost production and other costs

The highest rate of injuries occurs in the food and drink, repair of consumer items and vehicle sectors. However with almost all workplace injuries occur due to poor housekeeping, solutions to the problem are often simple and cost-effective.

Some of the top Insurance Brokers and experts in risk management have produced these top tips on how you can reduce your exposure to risk and with it your insurance premiums.

Preventing Injury At WorkPlanning

By having an effective management system in place the key areas of risk can easily be identified and goals can be set to make enhancements. This should include selecting equipment and work practices that contain slip and trip hazards and if possible prevent them occurring.


Get workers engaged in and committed to reducing risks. This should involve giving people responsibilities to ensure that areas of the workplace are kept safe and then making sure everyone is mindful who is responsible for each area.


Keep a record of cleaning and maintenance work and encourage good wellness and safety.

Monitor and Review

Keep an accident log and re-examine it on a regular basis to learn from incidents that have occurred.

Examine slip and trip risks

Many Health and Safety Executives recommend a 5 step approach to risk management when dealing with slip and trip risks and these are:

Step 1– Inspect for slip and trip hazards around the workplace (e.g., uneven floors, trailing cables, areas that are sometimes slippery due to spillages).

Step 2– Decide who might be harmed and how. Are the people who come into your workplace at risk?

Step 3– Consider the risks– do you already have precautions to deal with the risks?

Step 4– Record your findings if you have 5 or more employees.

Step 5– Regularly review the assessment. If any changes take place make sure that precautions are in place to deal with the risks.

When it comes to preventing slips, trips and falls, you really need to get conditions right from the start.  This will make dealing with risks easier.  This can include choosing the right flooring, making sure lighting levels are adequate, avoiding overcrowding and making sure access routes are clear.  By doing this the chances of an accident occurring will be greatly reduced.  Your exposure to risk will also reduce exponentially. And with certain insurance companies now offering substantial discounts for good health and safety many businesses could also save money on their Business Insurance premiums.